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Complications Of Chronic Hepatitis C Part 1

Brought about by a virus, chronic Hepatitis C is a medical condition that affects the liver. It has to be diagnosed and treated at the earliest chance so as to avoid its serious health complications. Otherwise, it can lead to life-threatening diseases.

People who are in the early stages of Hepatitis do not manifest visible symptoms right away, and sometimes, it takes years for the first noticeable symptoms to show. So, it is very important to undergo a Hepatitis C test to get a proper diagnosis. The following are the complications that may arise if Hepatitis C is not detected and treated at the earliest chance:

Liver cancer

The liver is one of the several bodily organs that can suffer from cancer. Once liver cancer occurs, the cells found in that organ would begin reproducing at a faster rate, and as a result of that, tumors and other related problems may pop up. People can get liver cancer even if they do not have Hepatitis C, but those that do are at greater risk of getting afflicted.

Liver failure

Hepatitis C can cause so much damage to the liver, and as the disease progresses, it can leave the liver unable to function anymore. When this happens, a patient has to undergo liver transplant so that a new liver can be had and certain bodily functions can be performed properly.

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