When you come to know that you are infected with Hepatitis B infection it will be really shocking for you particularly when you have done nothing to deserve it. It is just like cancer you have no idea whom to blame for this. If you got diagnosed earlier then the chances that the infection can be cleared soon is higher. If you don’t want that your loved ones suffer from the same fortune as you are suffering then you should advise them to have vaccinated with anti-Hepatitis B as soon as possible,

Ways by which you can treat acute Hepatitis B infection?

When a person is infected with hepatitis B at first stage then it is called acute hepatitis B. a person doesn’t face any symptoms regarding this infection but some people become seriously ill. This type of Hepatitis B can easily be treated. For this infection doctors don’t prescribe any medicine because body’s immune system is enough to beat the virus. There are many doctors who will just advice nutritional changes, as much rest as possible and to take as much fluid as you can that will help the immune system to repel the infection.

How can you treat chronic Hepatitis B infection?

This type of Hepatitis B lasts for almost 6 months. Chronic Hepatitis B is not that much common as compare t acute Hepatitis B. if the Chronic Hepatitis is not treated on time then it may cause many problems like cirrhosis, accretion of fluid within abdomen and weakening of brain function. Treating chronic hepatitis B is very important and to treat it a different type of medicines are involved and have certain risks like liver damage. The medicines that are used to treat the chronic type of Hepatitis B are as follows:

  1. By the use of antiviral medicines – Adefovir ( Hepsera), Lamivudine(Epivir),
  2. entecavir (Baraclude) and telbivudine (Tyzeka)  are amongst the accepted antiviral drugs that are prescribed by the doctors too many people who are suffering from chronic Hepatitis B infection. These medicines are also helpful for protecting the liver from being harmed by the virus.
  3. Intron A medicine – It is the ability of the body to generate interferon alfa-2b or Intron A which is helpful in fighting off the infections. The young people who are detected with Hepatitis B can acquire its synthetic edition which will help them to fight off Hepatitis B infection. The women who wanted to get pregnant in the near future and don’t wish for going through the lengthy procedure of medication also used IntronA medicine.
  4. Transplantation of Liver – If the liver is severely damaged because of Hepatitis B infection then liver transplant is a good decision so that it will help us in keeping a healthy and functioning body.
Hepatitis B High-Risk Groups

Ways that are helpful for keeping your partner protected from you and Hepatitis B?

If you come to know that you are affected by Hepatitis B don’t treat your loved ones. There are antiviral medicines that can help you to keep the people safe from infection. If you have a special one with whom you share a special bond. Then you should practice avoiding passing on the virus.

  1. Practice safe sex.
  2. Use latex condoms that can be helpful to avoid transmitting the virus.
  3. It is advised that not to share your things with your partner because this is the main source by which most people get the infection.