Suffering from an STD is a big life changer. Once you have an STD, you will experience various physical changes, as well as emotional and mental ones. Having an STD puts a person at risk of developing various complications that may lead to his or her death.

Common symptoms caused by STDs

In order to effectively battle STDs, one should be aware of what the common STD symptoms are. Different STDs create different sets of symptoms, but there will also be common denominators among them. One of the most common among them is a pain. A person who suffers from any kind of STD tends to experience pain in the lower abdomen area. This may occur at short periods of time but if left undiagnosed, the pain may become worse. In males, the pain may reach the groin area and result to painful urination. In females, the pain may reach the vaginal canal and result to painful sexual intercourse.

For people who may have syphilis, it is best to look out for a small, circular rash known as a chancre. This will usually appear in the penis or vaginal areas. Sometimes, it can grow on the rectum. Chancre will be visible for some days and will disappear. This does not mean that the person has been cured. The rash will still appear later on in the other parts of the body, usually on the soles of the feet and the hands.

Like it has been mentioned above, painful urination is a common STD symptom. This is because of the swelling of the urethral lining which happens in many kinds of STDs. This burning sensation is the result of the virus that causes certain types of STDs. If left untreated, the infection can affect the bladder and the males’ prostates.

Vulva Cancer Can Be Linked To STD

How to prevent STDs

There are several other STD symptoms that people should always watch out for. The best way to avoid experiencing them is to abstain. But if that is not going to work, always use protection when having sex, especially with strangers or with multiple partners. It is necessary to get tested for STDs regularly if you have a sexually active lifestyle.

Awareness about sexually transmitted diseases plays a big part in a person’s chances of getting an STD. Those that are informed are more likely to make better decisions when it comes to things that involve and will affect their health. STDs are something that we should all take seriously. They are extremely dangerous and harmful so we better get tested for STDs as soon as we notice these symptoms.