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Common STD Risk Factors Part 2

If you want to protect yourself against STDs, it is a must that you know what factors increase the risk of you contracting them. Here are some more examples of risk factors that increase the chances of getting infected with STDs:

Having been forced to engage in sex

Assault or rape is a very delicate issue, so if you experienced this, you have to go to a doctor immediately and get tested and treated. Also, do not be afraid to seek emotional support through counseling and therapy.

Using recreational drugs by injecting them

Sharing of used needles and syringes can easily spread STDs, like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV. Today, many drug addicts that use this method are infected with STDs, so do not be like them and stay away from this practice.

Alcohol abuse

Drinking too many influences your thought process and judgment skills, so refrain from getting drunk. It will make you less inhibited and be willing to engage in risky and reckless sexual activities.

STD testing should be done on a regular basis by anyone who has an active sex life. Even if you are a teen or an adult, you should be ready to undergo an STD test the moment you start having sex.

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