Common STD Names You Should Be Familiar With

Many people visit the hospitals only when the change in their system has affected them so badly and their life is being threatened. This a fact considering that people are generally less concerned about their health given that ignorance about health-related issues have been the order of the day. This is common with STDs and their related infections.

Knowing the names of various STDs is a very fine step to understanding the subject as a whole which would surely come in handy when needed. Some of these STDs even have pseudo names which have gained so much popularity today and are even addressed to by healthcare workers.

This article would briefly explain some of these STDs alongside the names which they have been attributed to for easy understanding.


Herpes is referred to as either oral or genital herpes but irrespective of which it is, they are both occasioned by the same virus that is known as Herpes Simplex Virus. Herpes can be contracted even when the sores are not yet formed, and this can happen through oral, anal, or vaginal sexual intercourse.

Herpes is also popularly known as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ which is believed to be so because the virus stays with a person for life.


This disease is common among younger adults when compared to any other type of STD and could affect both the male and female gender. It could be contracted also via oral, anal, and vaginal sex from an infected person.

Gonorrhea has often been referred to in several ways but the most popular of all is ‘the clap.’ This name has been said by many to hail from a French origin which is ‘clapier’ which is loosely translated to mean ‘a brothel.’

Gonorrhea is also referred to as ‘the drip’ or ‘the morning drip’ by others as a result of the incessant discharge which infected people may experience.

Recently, people have also started referring to the infection as ‘the dose’ which is also traced to the fact that gonorrhea can be cured with just one dose of antibiotics that is prescribed by a medical doctor when it has not advanced.

Pubic Lice

Although people pay less attention to this STD, a large number of adults have suffered from it. Pubic lice belong to a class of parasites which live in the coarse hair of the genitals and can be contracted by common use of sensitive items like towels.

Pubic lice also have a pseudo name like other common STDs; it is often referred to as ‘crabs’ which originated from its crab-like appearance.


The abbreviation seems to be more common than the meaning itself. HIV means ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ and AIDS is ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.’ HIV/AIDS affects the body by making the immune system weak, thereby, allowing it to be susceptible to opportunistic infections.

Apart from its popular abbreviation, it is also referred to as ‘the virus’ which is believed to be so because of its incurable nature. It is also referred to as ‘Hi-Five’ and ‘the bug’ since it is a viral infection. HIV currently has no cure and this is one of the reasons for its numerous names even as it is hoped that medical sciences would provide one soon.


Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that can affect both the male and female gender in different ways. While men get it in the urethra, women could also be infected in the rectum, cervix, or throat. Chlamydia is also with a popular name known as ‘the clam’ or ‘gooey stuff’ which is as a result of the discharge that is associated with the disease.


This falls under the bacterial class of STDs that can affect both the female and male gender via sexual intercourse. Syphilis could develop rashes on the skin when it is ignored which is why infected patients are advised to immediately see a doctor once the symptoms are noticed so as to avoid dementia later in life.

Syphilis also has a common name which is ‘the pox’ because of the rash-like symptoms on the body. It has also been referred to by many as ‘the great imitator’ because of its similar nature when compared to other different kinds of diseases.

This feature of syphilis has misled many test exercises to conclude on a different type of disease while the patient actually suffers from syphilis. Syphilis is also known as ‘bad blood’ which is a long-term name that dated to the period before treatment was found.

Human Papilloma Virus

This, of course, is commonly referred to as HPV with various types of infections that are all sexually transmittable. Several names like ‘Jesus Pox’ and ‘fungal in the jungle’ are often used to refer to the disease which has been socially acceptable to be its name. The name ‘cunt barnacle’ is also used to refer to HPV especially when the patient suffering from the disease is a woman.

Irrespective of the name an STD is called, nothing changes the fact that it could be deadly and needs immediate medical attention. It is important to advise that concentration on preventive measures should be made rather than the name of what a person is infected with.