Hepatitis B Treatments

Knowing that you are infected with Hepatitis B can be heartbreaking especially if you have not done anything to deserve it. It is like having cancer, you wouldn’t know who to blame. The good thing is if you got diagnosed early, chances of clearing it out can be higher. If you have loved ones and don’t want them to suffer the same fate as you are, have them vaccinated with anti- Hepatitis B as early as possible as well.

How to treat acute Hepatitis B infection?

Acute Hepatitis B can be treated easily, often times, doctors don’t even provide medication for it because the body’s immune system can clear off the virus on its own. Most doctors will just recommend dietary changes, more rests and to take as much fluid as you can to help your immune system fight off the infection.

How to treat chronic Hepatitis B infection?

Treating chronic Hepatitis B infection is a different story because it involves certain medicines now and certain risks such as liver damage. Among the medicines used to treat this kind of Hepatitis B infection are:

  1. Using antiviral medicines - lamivudine (Epivir), adefovir (Hepsera), telbivudine (Tyzeka) and entecavir (Baraclude) are among the popular antiviral drugs prescribed to people with chronic Hepatitis B infection. These medicines also aim to protect the liver from being damaged by the virus.
  2. Intron A medicine – our body has the ability to produce Intron A or interferon alfa-2b to fight off infection and young people diagnosed with Hepatitis B can get its synthetic version to fight off Hepatitis B infection. This is also used by women who want to get pregnant in the future and don’t want to go through the long process of medication using antiviral drugs. There is a catch though in getting this fast-acting Hepatitis B treatment, it has side effects such as breathing problems, tightness in the chest and feeling depressed.
  3. Liver transplant – for severely damaged liver due to Hepatitis B infection, the liver transplant is now an option to keep having a healthy and functioning body.
Chronic Hepatitis B Can Lead To Liver Cirrhosis And Cancer

How to keep your partner safe from you and Hepatitis B?

If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, don’t risk your loved ones. The good thing is antiviral medicines can keep you from infecting the people around you but if you have someone whom you share a special bond like a partner, the following must be practiced to prevent transmitting the virus.

  1. Practice safe sex. Having a Hepatitis B infection doesn’t mean you should abstain from having sex especially if you are married to someone. There are now latex condoms that can be used to prevent transmitting the virus. Be honest with your partner about the situation and inform her or him that using a condom can reduce the risk but doesn’t eliminate it.
  2. Have your partner undergo test regularly – ask your partner to undergo test regularly.
  3. Don’t share your things with your partner- this is the most basic practice that people with Hepatitis B do to do. Avoid sharing your personal things even kitchen things such as plates, spoons, and cups. Razors and needle sharing are a no-no as well.