There are so many diseases prevalent these days that we have to protect ourselves from. One of these very easily transmittable illnesses is called Chlamydia. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that has been around for so long, and it has already victimized millions of people around the world.

Because of the harm and dangers connected to Chlamydia, it is imperative that everyone is aware of what to watch out for in order to know if they have been afflicted with this infection. Chlamydia triggers various signs and symptoms that appear after some time, so it is necessary that we are familiar with them so that we will know if it is time to get a Chlamydia test.

Common signs and symptoms of Chlamydia

In females, the most common Chlamydia signs and symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, painful sexual intercourse, pain when urinating, and unusual discharge from the vagina. These symptoms only show up after an incubation period, which could last for weeks or months.

In males, the most common Chlamydia signs and symptoms include pain when urinating, peculiar discharge coming from the penis, and inflammation of the testicles. They are also prone to having some swelling in the rectal region, especially those that engaged in anal sex.

Other typical Chlamydia symptoms in both sexes also include a sore throat or some other kind of throat infection.

It is of very high importance to get tested for Chlamydia the moment these signs and symptoms manifest. Use a rapid Chlamydia test kit to get a fast and highly accurate test result. Visit STD Rapid Test Kits to purchase a reliable and trusted rapid Chlamydia screen test kit now.

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