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Chlamydia’s Detrimental Effects To The Body

With so many people suffering from the many symptoms of Chlamydia, it has become necessary for everyone to put in mind the most important facts about this notorious sexually-transmitted disease. Often described as the “silent disease,” Chlamydia can quickly sneak into the human body and disperse with very little identification given that it can do all those tribulations without exhibiting whatever signs and symptoms. That is why, over one half of the women and men who are battling with the bacteria continue to be unaware, undiagnosed, and untreated. They only realize that they have Chlamydia if the malady proceeds to worse difficulties.

Some typical Chlamydia symptoms:

MEN: it will require between one and three weeks after getting the infection before the initial warning signs appear. A bizarre discharge that appears cloudy and white could be seen on a patient’s penis tip. He may feel some pain during urination. He could also identify pain sensations in his testicles. It is normal for the symptoms to disappear in several days, but that does not suggest the infection has also left. It could be simply biding its time. It is critical not to participate in any specific sexual activity in this period to put off spreading the disease around.

WOMEN:  signs and symptoms also pop up around one to three weeks after getting the disease. She might sense some pain while urinating or having sex, or even more intense, also blood loss. She may also emit fluid that is odd looking. When you have these indicators, a female should right away find help as the infection can grow into considerably more harmful problems. The Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID is what she could have if Chlamydia is discounted, and this could result in ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and infertility.

How To Know If You Have Chlamydia

Tips to protect yourself from Chlamydia:

Unprotected sexual relations are the big reason for being affected by Chlamydia, and every other sexually transmitted disease. Be it anal, oral, or vaginal, the instant a bodily fluid that carries the infection locates its way to a different human’s body, that other person will immediately have the malady. Chlamydia is not choosy when considering its victims. Everyone is vulnerable to getting hurt.

Talk to a doctor to have more information about Chlamydia or any STD. Obtain a Chlamydia test to establish whether you have the ailment or not. Information, obligation, and education carry out significant tasks in the prevention of its spread, so we better undertake our share and help prevent the spread of this health problem.