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Chlamydia Risk Factors And Complications

Do you know that you and everybody else around you are at risk of contracting Chlamydia? This sexually-transmitted disease is a very common infection that has been a major health problem in many parts of the world.

It is important to become informed about Chlamydia in order to effectively avoid it and help yourself and your partner.

Here are the usual Chlamydia risk factors, which are things that increase the chances of people contracting it:

- those that are under 24 years old

- those that have multiple sex partners

- those that do not use condoms every time they have sex

- those that have a history of being infected with STDs

Here are the complications that may occur if Chlamydia is not diagnosed and treated at the earliest chance:

- higher chances of contracting other STDs

- PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease, in females

- epididymitis, or infection and inflammation of the testicles, in males

- infertility

- eye infections in newborns that get the infection from their mothers during delivery

Chlamydia Bacteria- Why Should You Fear It?