A study released this Wednesday showed that the rates of Chlamydia and gonorrhea cases in the state of Alaska have continued to increase.

The situation in Alaska

The state’s Department of Health and Social Services said that the influx has not slowed down. Last year, they documented 5,792 cases of Chlamydia and 1,135 new reports of gonorrhea. The numbers today are higher than these, with an 80% Chlamydia increase from last year to this year.

The concern with the statistics

According to the report, the department noted the highest rise in the southwest and north regions of Alaska.

With these upward movements, the authorities are concerned and would like to find a solution to stop this trend. They believe they have to spread more awareness and tell people the importance of STD testing and the practice of safe sex.

Being ranked at the top for Chlamydia and gonorrhea rates in the country is a bad thing that seriously needs to be paid attention to. Medical professionals continue to work together to find ways to help people understand how to protect themselves against these STDs.

Testing and diagnosis play significant roles in this. So, if people become more aware of how much importance these two factors play in the prevention and management of STDs, there will be a good chance of seeing fewer STD cases in the future.

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