A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control shows that about two-thirds of the HIV-infected people in the United States are not undergoing any treatment solution for their disease.

Why HIV is so dangerous

This finding should be a major concern since the Human Immunodeficiency Virus can easily replicate and spread around the body and cause some serious harm and damage to the different important bodily organs. Furthermore, this infection can be easily transmitted from one person to another through unprotected sex, exposure to contaminated blood, sharing of used syringes/needles, and so on, and end up infecting others.

Health authorities emphasize the importance of prompt HIV treatment to avoid all those worst-case scenarios. Anyone who has been diagnosed positive for HIV should get treatment as soon as they can to keep the virus under control and avoid transmission to others.

Is there HIV treatment?

Nowadays, there are different HIV treatment medications prescribed for HIV patients. They are antiretrovirals that help control and stop the spread and replication of the virus inside a patient's body. This allows HIV patients to live relatively normal lives, without suffering so much.

The report also reveals that about 40% of HIV patients were consulting a medical professional about their condition, 37% had received a prescription for the necessary medications for HIV management, and only 30% had experienced success in terms of virus control.

We advise all HIV patients to go talk to a doctor to find the best HIV treatment plan for them. Getting treatment for HIV if you have HIV is common sense, so do not hesitate to visit a medical facility and speak with a medical provider to determine what HIV treatment suits you best.

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