Also referred to as the great imitator, syphilis is an incredibly tough health problem to diagnose. It truly is normally mistaken with other sexual maladies. In the second stage, syphilis becomes identified by skin rashes and scars on mucous membranes. These kinds of rash breakouts can make their way to the scalp wherein they can grow inflammations on the follicles of hair. This will likely have an impact on hair follicles which will make them itch such that you would scratch out the hairs all by yourself.

The effects of Syphilis on the hair follicles

The rash breakouts could even be liable for damaging hair follicles and devastating the strength of hair shafts and so ending with hair loss. Hair loss attached to syphilis is in the form of patches and adheres to zero specific layouts. The lesions of this secondary infection consist of bacteria that will contaminate some others if they go through the lesions. Secondary syphilis has to be taken care of when you have noticed it from its secondary indicators if they are not managed the illness will go on and move on each time such that the outcome could be a death, for syphilis can kill.


The moment you find you have got syphilis, it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible so you can be prescribed specific medicinal drugs to help you eliminate this deadly bacterial disease. Syphilis treatment incorporates the utilization of a variety of antibiotics. When you have handled the dilemma, there are certain chances that destroyed hair follicles will get better and hair patches will begin to illustrate indicators of regrowth. If the hair follicles have been entirely wrecked, it will be easy for them to be cured, for them to remain to develop hair and clear away hair patches.

Can Syphilis Be Cured?

General treatment protocols for hair loss as a result of syphilis can include medicinal drugs such as finasteride and minoxidil. Both these drugs have been accredited by the FDA and have been verified to be capable of bringing even the most inert hair follicles regain the hair production routine. The wonderful part of using these drugs is that they are developed as topical applications and supplements and that means you do not go under any kind of surgery treatment when you are tackling hair loss problems with these prescribed medicines. Secondary syphilis-causing hair loss cannot be detected by mere observation alone. Therefore, to help the physician to efficiently diagnose the source of your hair loss, some scalp flakes should be collected and screened for bacterial activity and that can truly accurately diagnose the real situation.