Being infected with a sexually-transmitted disease such as HIV is never a good thing. You see, HIV is one of those illnesses that, when not diagnosed and treated right away, can lead to more severe problems and complications. That being said, it is important to keep ourselves protected from HIV so that we are spared from all the pain and sufferings it brings.

The common myths of HIV

Have you ever met anyone who has been afflicted with HIV? From my experience, a lot of people are not comfortable with having someone infected with HIV around. You see, there are still so many misconceptions about HIV that go on these days. I remember some time ago when everybody believed that only gay guys can get HIV and that one could get infected just by using the same toilet seats or by shaking hands with them. These things are not true, actually. HIV is transmittable but not in those ways. If you would like to know facts, you should go talk to a doctor or search the internet for medical journals.

Now, let us discuss the importance of testing for HIV. Usually, once HIV infects a person, it triggers various signs and symptoms. As soon as an individual notices these, he or she should get an HIV test right away. The reason for this is that early diagnosis of HIV can help slow down the rate of damage the virus can cause.

Testing can be tough

But because being infected with HIV can be really embarrassing and shameful to some people, they hesitate to get an HIV test in hospitals or clinics. Therefore, they need to find another avenue to get themselves tested for HIV.

How Can Patients Test For HIV?

Using HIV rapid screen tests are the best way to test for those that value their privacy a lot. These items are available online from websites such as STD Rapid Test Kits. For only $26, you can test yourself for HIV using a sample of your blood/serum/plasma.