Syphilis is an ailment that is transmitted by means of sexual contact. It is a sexually transmitted disease brought on by the bacterium treponeme pallidum. It is usually known as Cupid’s disease, Lues, or great pox. The term is believed to be introduced by an Italian doctor, and its presence is traced dating back to the pre-historic periods.

Why you should test for Syphilis sooner

Since syphilis is quite easily transmitted, it is vital for the people to get a syphilis test as soon as they believe that they may have acquired the bacterial infection. Syphilis tests have the ability to accurately diagnose the actual condition of an individual, whether or not she or he has syphilis.

Stages of Syphilis

Have you been afflicted with syphilis, it is important that you are aware of the various stages of syphilis:

  1. The initial stage of syphilis is also referred to as primary syphilis. This occurs when someone has sex with other individuals who are actually infected with syphilis. The very first symptom shows up any moment between a week and 3 months. It is actually a tiny sore or lesion on the skin layers which got into contact with the syphilis harmful bacteria. It could grow on the mouth area, genital regions, and anus.
  2. The next stage of syphilis is recognized as secondary syphilis. It takes place approximately half a year after getting infected with the bacteria. It is identified by the presence of additional chancres and rash breakouts in more areas of the body. Some other symptoms include things like weight loss, meningismus, fever, pounding headache, and malaise. You have to get a syphilis test at this point since the lesions are incredibly infectious.
  3. The third stage of syphilis is called latent syphilis, and this is further split up into two: early latent syphilis and late latent syphilis. This phase takes place around a couple of years after the first exposure. When this happens, the patient is not going to really demonstrate any signs or symptoms.
  4. The fourth stage of syphilis is referred to as tertiary stage and happens a decade after the initial exposure. Here, the patient shows tumor-like stuff known as gummas. Gummas could develop on virtually any part of the human body. If an individual fails to get tested for syphilis, the gummas could progress to neurosyphilis. Some other symptoms are over emotional, heart congestions, character shifts, loss of sensations, and other health issues.
  5. The last stage of syphilis is referred to as neurosyphilis. Individuals with syphilis who failed to get syphilis tested are more inclined to get to this stage. They are also generally those people who are afflicted with the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.
Syphilis Test Methods

It is rather imperative that you go through a syphilis test in the early stages. Why wait around for the disease to spread and bring about a lot more problems when you can simply head to an STD center and get tested for syphilis to be able to right away begin treatment for syphilis?