Today I feel that it is time for us to look at those who work in the sex industry, and the fact that every time they go to their place of work they are putting themselves at risk of potentially being infected with an STD or the HIV virus.

Risk of HIV


The sex industry and STDs

The sex industry consists of many layers of working people which can be both sexes and they may perform some if not all of these following services,

Massage Parlours, The Adult film industry, High-end escorts, Prostitutes, Exotic show dancers and streetwalkers (transgender, bisexual, males, and females who ply sex to earn a living).

The risk of infection in the sex industry

It is these group of workers who are at risk of becoming infected from a client or a client could be infected from a worker. And it is these group of workers which are also hard to reach and give sexual health information to. They could have no access to any kind of healthcare facilities due to being in a group of people who are defined as living in poverty and having little education if any. This then causes a stigma within the said group which makes them avoid anything such as social workers, social care help and education classes health clinics with fear of being rebuked or maybe having their children if they have any taken away from them, so they will always remain under the radar. Those that do not work in any organized sex industry job could just be alone and using the only way they know how to feed themselves and even children if they have them. Many sex workers will be those who also have other conditions such as, being in jail, have mental health issues, alcohol, and substance abuse, sexual abuse and also be homeless as well.

How Can I Get HIV?

The sex workers need help

It is this group that needs the most help of all, in most cases, you will quite often come across a sex worker who has issues with using drugs and alcohol as a way of blocking out the fact that they sell their bodies basically to survive. However, if this is the case and they are plying their trade whilst being under the influence of any of these substances they will then have diminished judgment when it comes to using condoms to protect themselves from HIV and other STDs. There are even instances where they will be paid more money if they will have sex without using a condom, and sadly because these people are always in need of work and money they will do this.

This alone makes it incredibly hard for any health authority to have the HIV virus and STD numbers under any control as someone somewhere will be using no protection at all. I feel that the only true way to deal with the practice of streetwalkers is to make it legal and give them the help and health care which they need to help in keeping the HIV virus numbers down.