There are varieties of hepatitis but among them, the most severe types of Hepatitis are Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.  These are most common and most people get infected with these two types of Hepatitis. These infections are dangerous in a sense that they directly infect the liver and as a result the function of liver becomes distorted. It’s function collapse and as a result, it can cause the problem to your health.  There are many symptoms regarding liver failure and liver infections but among them, the major is rigorous inflammation of the organ that develops into aggravated by the disease.  Other than that there are many techniques for preventing like by the use vaccines you can save yourself and they will be helpful for getting back to your health.


There are many different ways of preventing from getting an infection from any type of hepatitis whether it is Hepatitis B or C it all depends upon the age. If you wanted to save your children to get infected with Hepatitis B and C then you should give them medication in the early stage so that they will not get infected by Hepatitis, while this regular application of medicine will be helpful in building up their immunity exactly from the beginning of their lives. Such as if you presently give birth to a child so it is suggested that he/she should be given the medicine in the first few months of their birth. While if the baby is from the infected mother and has got the infection at the time of birth then he/she should acquire a precise and a little bit diverse medicine for hepatitis B or C as a minimum ten to twelve hours later than birth. On the other hand, the children who are under the age of eighteen and who haven’t get medicine after the first few months of birth then they should get the medicine in a suspiciously controlled prescribed amount over a time period. While if we talk about the adults that they are at a danger of getting infected with Hepatitis B or C for such instance, if they have a family member or a partner who is infected with Hepatitis B or C then they should get medication. The reasons why they get the medications are as follows:

  • If they are working in a healthcare
  • If they are before now infected with a few another sexually transmitted disease
  • If the adults have several sexual partners.
Pills To Treat Hepatitis C To Become More Affordable?

These all cases are the reasons for getting infected with Hepatitis B we have just given the illustrations of medication for hepatitis B because hepatitis C cannot be cured by medication. If you have infected with Hepatitis C infection then you will always stay infected.

How to get infected With Hepatitis B or C and how we can avoid?

The simple way by which a person can be infected with any of thee two types of infection is by the transfer of abundant fluids that our body produces. The cannot enter into anybody's body easily just by regular daily contact like handshaking. If you wanted to avoid such kind of fluids that body produces that you should keep in mind that you should not share your personal items like razor, toothbrush etc because these are the most common way. As well as if you are drug addicted then don’t share your needles and injections and when you are going to remove some blood strain from any surface then be careful about that. You should use a really strong chemical based solution such as bleach. And be careful if you have to clean blood stains from various surfaces. It is best to use an actually strong compound based solution, like bleach.