introduction to chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common types of STD's one person can actually attain whenever he or she does sexual intercourse. It is a common type of disease and it can easily be transmitted through sexual contact. This disease is actually quite easy to get especially if you are very sexually active and are a young person that has sexual intercourse with different partners and practice sexual intercourse with them back to back. It is important that people understand what chlamydia really is and how they can get the disease so that more and more people will be more careful as to not get infected with this STD virus.

How chlamydia enters your body

Chlamydia is an STD and as such, enters your body through sexual intercourse. As mentioned earlier, people who are younger and are much more sexually active have a greater chance of being infected with this common type of sexual disease. This does not mean though that older people are less likely to get this disease; it only means that older people are less likely to be sexually active than younger people. Specifically, teenagers that are very sexually active are especially vulnerable to this sexual disease.

The different symptoms of chlamydia

Chlamydia actually has very subtle symptoms and almost in many of its cases, the disease does not even let itself be revealed as the symptoms are really that subtle. Some people who do experience these odd and subtle symptoms include in men: itching and swelling of the penis and testicular organs and a white substance (that is not semen) that often appears on top of the penis organ. Take note that these things do not happen all of the time and that these symptoms rarely present themselves. The symptoms of women include pain when urinating and bleeding even when not on periods and excessive fluids from the vaginal organ. Both sexes will also feel pain when having sexual intercourse if they are infected with the sexual disease.

Chlamydia Testing Benefits

How to cure the disease that is chlamydia

Fortunately, chlamydia is very easy to treat and there are many different treatment options out there for people who have this sexual disease. Take note that even though chlamydia is treatable, make sure you keep in mind that HIV is not and that people who have chlamydia may also be at risk of having HIV. In fact, people with chlamydia are more likely to contract HIV when they are under the influence of this sexual disease. This is why that as long as you still have chlamydia, make sure you avoid sexual intercourse up until the moment that the disease has been completely removed from your body. Also, take note that the disease can actually come back even though you have already had it before. Cures for this disease will be prescribed by your doctor and it usually comes in the form of oral antibiotics, depending on the severity of the disease. Make sure to always practice safe sex.