All about Chlamydia and STD

I think that it is safe to say that Chlamydia has to be one of the most popular STDs, and it is quite often the case that some people do not even realise that they have this infection and so can unwittingly be spreading it if they have multiple partners and are not practising safe sex by using a protective condom at all times.

Chlamydia is one strain of STDs that many people do not realise is the one that can actually cause you the highest amount of damage to your reproductive system if it is not treated straight away.

Chlamydia can be very difficult to treat because it is not always known how long the virus has been silently working in your body. If you are prone to having numerous sexual partners, it is hard to know where to actually start notifying them due to it having very few symptoms that you can see and feel, this is why it is sometimes referred to as the silent infection. In cases such as this it is best I feel to track down as many partners as possible so that they can have the chance to go and get themselves checked out which will go a long way to lessening the numbers of people who could become infected if you were not to do this.

Symptoms of Chlamydia can be that males will have a swollen penis and females will sometimes bleed after they have had their regular period. And if at any time you experience any pain at all when you are urinating it is prudent to go and get yourself tested just in case it does happen to be an STD infection.

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The main key to lowering numbers of this infection and to at some point eradicate it altogether is make sure that we are educating our younger teenagers well in forms of sexual education and learning about STD infections. Older teenagers can be made aware of this by being given condoms to ensure that all sexual relations if multiple should be carried out in a protective way, there are many instances where these can be given out for free in both colleges and universities along with a leaflet explaining all about STD infections. One very excellent way which I have actually witnessed myself is that a party bus playing pop music and offering soft drinks makes its way around the major towns of the country to attract teens and older people and remind them about STDs and always using condoms. Night clubs could also be a good area to give out free condoms.

Whilst it is possible for chlamydia to be cured there is nothing better than the motto of prevention is better than curing. If detected early it can be cured with a simple oral medication, leaving it longer may need a bigger dose for a more extended amount of time.

Taken from Why is it needed that people should be more aware of Chlamydia?