A terrifying thing has been discovered very recently that involves a nurse in the country of Uganda. It was reported that she had been spreading HIV to people in her country.

The Killer nurse

Rosemary Namubiru earned the nickname "the killer nurse" after it was found out that she deliberately infected her blood into a patient of hers. Her face was a mixture of fear, confusion, and defeat when the Ugandan journalists got a hold of her.

According to reports, Namubiru, 64 years old, worked as a nurse in this East African nation. While trying to provide an injection to one patient, she pricked her finger by accident, wrapped her wounded finger with a bandage, and returned to the patient and still used that same needle to the patient.

Action was taken against the nurse

An AIDS group said that after the incident, Namubiru was diagnosed positive with HIV, and the patient's mother feared that her daughter, the patient, would contract the infection as well. The authorities arrested the nurse after learning she tested positive for HIV. Namubiru is facing trial for attempted murder.

Many AIDS activists in the country are working continuously to spread the word about HIV and AIDs, to educate more people and help them protect themselves from this fatal disease. They always remind people to be careful and be vigilant when it comes to HIV and AIDS.

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How Dangerous AIDS Is