Sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs are infectious and contagious medical conditions that require serious attention. They can be easily passed on from someone to another mainly by sexual contact. They have afflicted a huge number of the population and continue to add more victims until we find a way to stop them.

There are numerous STDs prevalent in our society today. Some are brought about by viruses, while others are caused by bacteria. Either way, you have to always observe proper precaution every single time you engage in any sexual activity.

STD awareness is extremely important to protect yourself from the damage and harm they can cause. You have to be well-informed on how they are transmitted, what causes them, how you can prevent them, what their symptoms are, and so on.

The following are a few of the most widely spread STDs nowadays and a brief description about them:


This sexually transmitted disease is caused by a bacterium known as a spirochete. In the United States alone, approximately 20,000 syphilis cases are reported every year. This number is already quite high considering that there are actually undocumented and unreported syphilis cases not only the US but also in other parts of the world.

People who have been infected with syphilis are going to manifest chancres in the initial stage of the disease. Chancres are sores that are not painful, and they will usually heal after some time. You must watch out for any chancre growing on your body and use it as a sign that you need to get tested for syphilis right away.

How To Stay Away From The Dangers Of STDs?


Gonorrhea is another sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria. According to statistics, almost three million people in the United States contract this infection every year.

Some of its most common symptoms include yellowish discharge from the penis or vagina, pain while urinating, pain around the genital area, and sore throat.

Upon seeing and experiencing these symptoms, you must head out and get a gonorrhea test right away. It is important to receive treatment for gonorrhea as soon as possible before it progresses to other severe complications.


Crabs, or crab lice or pubic lice, are very common to people who do not observe appropriate sexual activity precautions. The lice are usually yellowish or grayish in color and they attach themselves to an individual’s pubic hair. Once they have sucked blood, they turn into a darkish color.

To get rid of the lice, you must use a prescription shampoo, lotion, or cream. Avoid having sex so as not to pass the lice on to other people.