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A Guide To Gonorrhea Awareness Part 2

From mother to baby

A pregnant woman who has gonorrhea may pass the infection on to her baby during childbirth. She should undergo gonorrhea testing as early as possible to be able to receive the correct treatment right away and avoid transmitting the infection to her baby.

Who can get infected with gonorrhea?

Everybody is at risk of contracting gonorrhea, but some people are more likely to get it than others. Here are examples of people that belong to the high-risk group for gonorrhea:

- Sex workers

- Those that have been infected with gonorrhea or other STDs before

- People with multiple sex partners

- Those who do not use condoms

- Drug users who inject drugs into their bodies

What are the common symptoms of gonorrhea?

The following are the most common gonorrhea symptoms that you have to watch out for:

- pain when having sex

- pain when urinating

- swollen testicles

- unusual discharge from the penis or vagina

It is important that you get tested for gonorrhea right away and receive treatment to avoid bringing in the severe complications of gonorrhea.

Why Use A Gonorrhea Rapid Screen Test Kit