Some proven facts about Syphilis

1. Syphilis is a common sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria. It can infect anyone --- men, women, kids, and adults.

2. The most common method of syphilis transmission is sexual intercourse. Thus, those that engage in sexual activities without the use of protection are more likely to get infected than those that abstain or have one sex partner.

3. Syphilis can strike pregnant women. So, it is important that those that are expecting undergo syphilis testing to get a proper diagnosis so that the right treatment solution can be administered to them before the infection affects their babies.

4. Syphilis occurs in various stages. Primary syphilis is the first stage and this is characterized by the appearance of a chancre, a small, painless sore that is known to be the only symptom that pops up during the early stage of syphilis. It can last for a number of weeks and will disappear on its own.

5. Syphilis can be easily detected if you undergo Syphilis testing. There are devices designed to examine bodily fluids and find the syphilis bacteria.

6. It is very easy to cure syphilis. Once you test positive for it, consult a doctor to determine what the best kinds of syphilis treatment are suitable for you.

7. You can protect yourself against syphilis by being aware, using condoms when having sex, sticking to one sex partner, and getting tested routinely.

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Causes and Treatments of Syphilis