So how exactly do people contract Chlamydia? Is this an infection that one can get while hugging other people? What about kissing? Can you get Chlamydia by wearing other people's clothes?


Chlamydia is caused by bacterium that can strike anyo...

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Diagnosing STDs In Men

10/22/14 11:21 PM

Sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, are a common problem to a significant portion of the male population, especially among the sexually active ones. Men, whether they are 15 or 70, who engage in unprotected anal, oral, or vaginal sex, become pron...

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Can You Test For HIV At Home?

10/22/14 11:19 PM

Every year, more and more people get infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It almost all parts of the planet, HIV is considered a major health problem. It is known for its serious complications and symptoms, so several awareness prog...

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There are a lot of people that suffer from gonorrhea nowadays. This sexually-transmitted disease can easily be contracted if you engage in unprotected sex with someone who has the disease.

If you contract gonorrhea, the symptoms that may appear are:


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Dealing With Hepatitis B

10/22/14 11:14 PM

Caused by the Hepatitis B virus, the Hepatitis B infection is one of the most common Hepatitis varieties nowadays. It is spread through sexual intercourse, exposure to infected blood, and sharing of drug paraphernalia, and tattooing and piercing equi...

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HIV - How It Affects The Body

10/21/14 11:23 PM

What causes HIV?

HIV is a sexually-transmitted disease brought about by the virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus. 

Who can get infected with HIV?

Anyone can get infected with HIV --- old people, young people, teens, males, females, and even infants...

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Q: Are sexually-transmitted infections the same as sexually-transmitted diseases?

A: Some may argue that these two differ in some ways, but both essentially refer to the same things.

Q: Which STI is the most dangerous?

A: It is hard to quantify the leve...

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What causes syphilis?

Syphilis is a common sexually-transmitted disease caused by a microorganism that enters a person's body during the exchange of sex fluids during intercourse or wounds.

Who can get syhilis?

Anyone can contract syphilis. It can strik...

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