Have you heard of rapid STD testing kits? Do you have any idea what they are? If not, you have come to the right place! Discussed below are the advantages one can get from these rapid STD testing kits.

1. Convenient

Rapid STD testing kits are small and...

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What are STDs?

STDs stand for "sexually-transmitted diseases". They are infections brought about by viruses, bacteria, and other types of microorganisms and can cause all sorts of symptoms and complications.

Who can get STDs?

Literally all of us are at ...

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Who Can Get STDs?

10/31/14 12:15 AM

STDs - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

These are infections caused by various microorganisms that get into the body usually through sexual intercourse.

There are different types of STDs prevalent today, and some examples are as follows:

HIV - caused by a ...

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STD-Risky Activities

10/31/14 12:12 AM

Do you know that there are millions of people around the world that suffer from different types of sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, today? Do you know that even though these STDs are dangerous, many of them can be easily cured?

STDs are caused ...

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It is very important that men who have gonorrhea seek treatment right away to avoid the various severe complications this sexually-transmitted disease can bring. 

Here are examples of health problems a man may encounter if prompt diagnosis and treatme...

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Caused by bacteria, gonorrhea can infect females and bring about various symptoms and complications. If not detected and treated right away, women with gonorrhea can suffer greatly and endanger their health seriously.

Women who fail to get treatment f...

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Ways You Can Get HIV

10/30/14 1:52 AM

HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a type of sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by a virus that attacks and weakens the immune system.

Here are the ways in which you can contract this STD:

- having unprotected sexual intercourse (ana...

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HIV and AIDS are diseases that weaken a human being's immune system. As a result of that, a person who suffers from HIV/AIDS becomes more susceptible to severe illnesses and ailments.

Here are some examples of dangerous complications that HIV and AIDS...

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