What Is HPV?

7/24/14 4:03 AM

HPV, or the Human PapillomaVirus, is the most prevalent sexually-transmitted infection in the United States today. It is very common that almost all males and females who are sexually active may contract it at one point. 


You can contract ...

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Using STD Home Test Kits

7/21/14 5:57 AM

STD home test kits are available for several types of diseases. Some of the most widely used are test kits for the following:









Hepatitis B

Genital Warts

Hepatitis C



Human ...

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Do you know that it is now possible to test for STDs on your own? Yes, with the use of rapid STD test kits anyone can now perform an STD test by themselves, at home or wherever they want, any time they want.

Rapid STD test kits have made all of those ...

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There are many ways to transmit sexually transmitted diseases or infections from one person to another. Here are the most common ways and what STDs are most frequently spread these ways:

1. Oral sex on a male or a female - examples of STDs that can be...

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Caused by bacteria, Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is among the most widespread today. It is ranked as the number one bacterial infection in the United States and continues to strike millions of men and women worldwide.

There are so ...

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Hepatitis C And The Liver

7/7/14 4:36 AM

Hepatitis C is a common disease that affects the liver. Hepatitis comes from the Greek words "hepar" (liver) and "itis" (inflammation). It has different types, including Hepatitis C, which is caused by the Hepatitis C virus.

To know how badly Hepatiti...

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Testing for STDs has always been emphasized as very important by medical professionals. There are many types of STDs abound today, and a lot of them can easily be transmitted from one person to another, usually through sexual contact.

If you want to r...

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a very widespread infection that has victimized several millions of people around the world. If you contract it, you are at risk of developing many serious complications and problems that affect your immune system ...

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