Why Is STD Testing Important?

4/24/2015 3:41 AM

Do you know that there are several millions of people that suffer from sexually-transmitted diseases today? That is so unfortunate since most of these STDs can easily be prevented and treated with the proper knowledge and information.

 STDs such as Ch...

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1. The bacterium that causes syphilis is called Treponema pallidum.

 2. Syphilis does not always trigger symptoms and this asymptomatic period may last for several years.

3. Having unprotected sex is the number one mode of transmission of syphilis. Whe...

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STD And STI High-Risk Groups

4/24/2015 1:43 AM

Everyone can get infected with STDs and STIs but there are certain groups of people that are more likely to contract these diseases than the rest of the population. Here are the STD and STI high-risk groups:

 1. Sexually-active males and females


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HCV, or the Hepatitis C virus, is a disease that attacks the liver. It can be contracted in many different ways, and it can infect anyone --- whether you are a male or female, young or old.

 If you want to keep yourself, as well as your loved ones, aw...

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1. What is syphilis?

 Syphilis is a widespread sexually transmitted disease that can lead to various long-term medical complications if not detected and treated at the earliest chance.

2. How can people get syphilis?

Syphilis is spread through direct co...

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Knowing The Risks Of HIV

4/22/2015 1:37 AM

What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a disease caused by a virus that attacks the immune system. It can damage human cells and use up the important nutrients that the body needs. It has the ability to replicate and spread fa...

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What is gonorrhea?

 Gonorrhea is a common sexually-transmitted disease that can infect men, women, kids, and adults. It is caused by a bacterium that grows and thrives well in the warm and moist parts of the body, like the rectum, urethra, cervix, and...

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Statistics and studies show that millions of people around the world have been tested positive with HIV. This goes to show that the virus does not choose its victims. Regardless of height, skin color, age, weight, educational background, or income, e...

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